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One of the major yardstick prospects used to judge your business is through your website design. To create a great first-time impression, your website must be fast, well-optimized, and easy to navigate. 

Our website design package includes:

Responsive & Unique design

Your website will be unique and designed to fit your business needs. Also, it will be highly-responsive and optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

SEO Optimization

We will optimize your website pages, HTML tags, and images so that the search engine robots can understand and crawl your website. This, in turn, will increase your chances of getting organic traffic to your website via search engine result pages (SERPs).

Flexible and easy-to-manage

Every website we built comes with Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows you to manage your website without hassle. You can add new pages or new posts, and upload pictures all by yourself.

Integrated to your social media platforms

We use APIs to integrate your social media platforms to your website so your audience can get real-time updates on your feeds. Also, they can share your content with their social media followers for more visibility.

Guaranteed website security

We make use of web tools and plugins that will strengthen your website security and make it less susceptible to hacking and other cyber attacks.

Mailing and newsletter

Flawless integration with your email software program thereby allowing you to send automated newsletters to your subscribers.


We offer a one-stop e-commerce solution for stores and drop shippers selling virtual products. 

Our e-commerce design package includes:

Unique and responsive design

We design a bespoke website that is tailored to your brand.  Also, we will optimize your store to be responsive and compatible with any devices.

User-friendly interface

We develop user-friendly and easy-to-navigate eCommerce stores that allow your customers to purchase what they need on your store at a snap. They can search for specific keywords and filter their search by product categories or by price.

SSL Security

We will install the SSL certificate and other security plugins to protect your customers from cybercriminals.

Reports and analytics

We provide you with in-depth and real-time analytics on key aspects of your visitor traffic, conversion rate, sales volume, and so on.

Easy to use CMS

Our website comes with up-to-date and beginner-friendly CMS. You can add content, update your inventory, create discounts and manage your web without our help.

Seamless Payment Integration

We will integrate your eCommerce store with secure and seamless payment options.


Your website copy is the first thing your audience reads when they visit your website. Therefore, if or not they are going to convert into paying customers depends on how valuable your copy is to them.  

In our agency, we understand that your website copy plays a very important role in your online  and therefore we will stop at nothing until we provide you with a copy that has:

Irresistible headlines and subheadlines

We guarantee to provide you with compelling and irresistible headlines that will hook your readers and compel them to read the rest of your copy.

Engaging copy

We will provide you with a website copy that will engage your audience and compel them to take the desired actions. We will carefully choose our words. They will be tailored to resonate with your audience.

Strong call to actions

A website copy aims to prompt prospects to take the desired action. Therefore, we will include strong CTAs that will compel your audience or website visitors to buy your products, subscribe to your offer, or click on the contact button.

Free of grammatical errors

We will provide you with a copy that is free of any form of grammatical or spelling errors.

Optimized for search engines

We will incorporate relevant keyphrases/ keywords naturally in your copy so that prospects can find your website or eCommerce store organically.

Seamless Payment Integration

We will integrate your eCommerce store with secure and seamless payment options.


Our website ranges from website maintenance to a full website audit to repairing a broken website. Also, we advise on website hosting advice and help with website migration.

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